Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two Birds with One Stone

Tonight I have high hopes that I will return to the gym and continue to move forward towards my ideal weight.  The usual routine consists of:  suffer through 30 minutes of cardio while listening to my iPod, then put the iPod away and do some resistance training for 30 minutes.  My goal tonight is to switch it up a bit, and bring my current reading project with me while I work on my cardio.  There are two things that prompted this idea.  The first is that I saw a lady working out on a machine next to me while reading a novel.  It caught my attention because normally the reading choices of my fellow step-climbers tend to be on the lighter side and in the form of a magazine.  The second is that I had an incident yesterday with my iPod headphones that made me rethink things.  Rather than my usual posture of gripping the hand rails for dear life, I attempted focus on my core balance on the step machine.  I may not have been ready for that new stage of cardio because while my headphones' cord was swinging to my step, so were my arms.  Somehow, I managed to yank on the cord and send my iPod flying out of the machine's holder and across the floor.  It was semi-embarrassing (not nearly as embarrassing an experience as the poor guy who almost fell off a treadmill) and prompted me to think of other ways to preoccupy myself while working out.  Naturally, it led me to think of my new project "Read more books".

My only fear is that I'll suffer from some motion sickness.  At least, that is what my husband fears.  I think I can handle cardio + reading.  He is worried that the same motion sickness that affects me while attempting to read in a car, train or plane will strike me down at the gym.  I seriously hope this does not happen tonight.

I really hope that my book of choice, "The Chocolate Lovers' Club", does not prove to be counterproductive!

Now, I'd like to take the opportunity to point you in the direction of my sister's blog.  The focus is mobile technology and she does a hell of a job with it.  The blog is much more professional and the writing is infinitely better.  Check it out if you have the time!  Palm of Your Hand blog

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  1. Yay, to you for stickin' to your guns! That's awesome!
    Kristina J.